Chester Railway Station Museum – LIVE

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Chester Railway Station Museum – LIVE Chords, Lyrics, Video and Audio mp3 Download

Chester Rail Station in Chester, Massachusetts: CSX Rail ************************ NEW: Train Log (a as of 9/27/21) ************************ Chester trains: Camera looks west There is another CSX rail camera about 16 miles east: List of locomotives CSX: NECR List Mass Central Railroad Locomotive List https://www.thedieselshop. us/MCER.HTML YouTube channel: Boston & Albany Maine Line Map: Mike’s Streaming and Timelapse software: https :// FAQ: Where is Chester? and what am I looking at? Chester is a small town located in western Massachusetts, United States. This cam is located in the historic Chester railway station looking west. The rail line is owned by CSX in its Berkshire subdivision. How many trains pass daily? Approximately 10-15 trains travel in each direction during a 24-hour period. Your best bet for seeing a train is to see it early or late in the day. That includes the Lake Shore Limited Amtrak train, which runs daily* in the afternoon. (*Amtrak recently reduced service due to COVID-19, so may not run every day for now.) Monday through Thursday are the busiest days, Friday through Sunday are the slowest. Be aware that many trains run at night and can be difficult to see. Who are these people walking on camera? They are likely to be train fans visiting Chester railway station (now a museum) or people involved in its operation. They could also spend the night at the Caboose on the property or attend events. Find out more about renting the caboose for camping or renting the property for events. What kind of trains run? Most are CSX freight trains. They include General Manifest (GM), Intermodal (IM/stack), Autoracks or Tank Loads. Sometimes these trains are mixed and often have a mid-train DPU to help the train get over the steep grade of the Berkshires. There is also the formerly daily Amtrak passenger train that travels between Chicago and Boston. It is known as the Lake Shore Limited, which operated daily until COVID-19 caused service to be reduced. Where do these trains go? Most westbound trains are destined for Selkirk, NY, while IMs generally go to Bedford Park, IL, outside of Chicago. Some auto racks are destined for Louisville, KY or other Midwestern destinations. Ethanol tanker freight trains head to Proviso, IL, to be exchanged at Union Pacific. Most of the eastern limits head to West Springfield, MA on their way to Worcester, MA. Some still go to Framingham, MA. Most are split and routed to other New England destinations by local rail companies such as PanAm Rail, Providence & Worcester, NECR and others. Intermodals are unloaded at Worcester onto trucks. Tank loads are shipped to Providence, Rhode Island. Why is the train stopped here? This part of the Berkshire submarine is double tracked, but between Chester and Westfield there is a large portion that is reduced to single track. It is likely that a stopped train is waiting for another to pass. Sometimes a train lets another pass behind, but that is less common. Neither passengers nor goods are unloaded here. Why are there trucks circulating on the track? These are CSX’s MOW trucks that routinely monitor and maintain the rail. What are all these rail terms being discussed in chat? Wikipedia has a good summary of all the railway terms. Are there other railway cameras nearby? Boston and Maine Live operates another chamber 16 miles to the east in Westfield, MA. More information is at Is there a hearing scanner nearby? There is a local scanner that is in Westfield that can listen to communication with trains and activity from the West Springfield yard located on Broadcastify. A direct link to the scanner is provided at Can I see the train I just missed? Youtube has the ability to rewind, so rewind to see the past action. Chester’s camera has a snapshot of the last train that passed in the bottom right of the camera. Westfield’s vault has snapshots of rail passes from the last 5 days. Scroll down and click on the date at Also, you can switch to the other camera to watch it go by. Trains usually take around 40 minutes to get between Westfield and Chester.