Goodness of God – Bethel Music – acoustic cover

Learn the lyrics Goodness of God – Bethel Music – acoustic cover the inspirational song and most famous chords, lyrics, video and audio mp3 download of all time!

This is a good hymn that will make you feel closer to the lord Jesus. When you sing out Goodness of God – Bethel Music – acoustic cover lyrics, we will be filled with joy, strength, love, and power of God.

Goodness of God – Bethel Music – acoustic cover Chords, Lyrics, Video and Audio mp3 Download

Tutorial, strumming patterns and more: Cover of ‘Goodness of God’ by Bethel Music. For this one, I played in the key of D, which works well for a male voice. The original is in Ab (female lead). EQUIPMENT: Guitar: McPherson Sable Carbon Guitar Vocal Mic: Shure SM7b Interface: UAD Apollo 8 Recording Notes: Acoustic guitar was recorded on an AKG C214; what you are hearing is McPherson mic’d carbon guitar (I didn’t use the guitar take live). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Download Pads and instantly elevate your worship games: Join our group of Facebook for worship leaders and worship team members: Join our P&W Gear Facebook group: ~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our vision is for every church in the world to experience excellent and authentic worship. We are here to help you make that happen. CURRENT EQUIPMENT (this is the material I currently use to create videos) Cameras: Fuji X-H1: Drones: DJI Mavic Air: DJI Phantom 4 Pro: Lenses: Fuji 16-55 f/2.8: Fuji 50-140 f/2.8: Fuji 10-24 f /4: Fuji 23mm f/2: Fuji 50mm f/2: Lighting: The Sun 🙂 FotodioX Flapjack lights // Acoustic Guitars: Martin D-35 // Martin CEO-7 // Pickup LR Baggs Anthem ( on both) // Electric Guitars: Shelton Electric Instruments SkyFlite IV Shelton Electric Instruments GalaxyFlite MJT Thinline Telecaster Homemade Parts-Casters Cables: Sinasoid Cables: Amps/Pedals : Line 6 Helix // Bass: Music Man Sterling SUB Ray4 // Recording interface : Universal Audio Apollo 8 Microphones: Shure SM7b (Vocals) // AKG C214 (Vocals and everything else) // Software and Virtual Instruments Recording Software : Apple Logic Pro X Video editing software: Adobe Premiere CC Video editing – color correction: Davinci Resolve Omnisphere (Pads, synths, etc.) // Native Instruments Komplete (strings, pianos , etc.) // http://amzn. a/2sUemJ0 ////////////////////////// Web: Facebook: https://www.facebook. com /worshiptutorials/ Instagram: Twitter: .