Live, Washington State to Baja California, West Coast Earthquake Monitor

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Live, Washington State to Baja California, West Coast Earthquake Monitor Chords, Lyrics, Video and Audio mp3 Download

** YT video URL is: These are “live” seismographs across the western United States, arranged from north to south (Washington, Oregon, California) that extend into central California near Santa Barbara, primarily near San Andreas FZ. Any time delay is due to data processing and internet delay. Stations are: CLRS CN, Cowichan Lake, BC, Canada SYMB CN, Survey Mountain, BC, Canada OTR UW – Olympic Penninsula – Tyee Ridge, WA,’ TRIPT – near Jordan Creek, OR BUCK is E/NE of Eugene , OR ROGE UO, near Rogue River, OR B047 near Petrolia/Ferndale, California MCCM near Marshall, California ( Tomales Bay / San Andreas FZ ) B057 Lucas Valley, north of San Francisco, California CMB, BK – Columbia, California west of Yosemite B058 PB – San Juan Bautista, CA SAO near Hollister, CA between Salinas and Hollister B073 north of Parkfield, CA B079 near intersection of CA 46 and CA 41 freeways, east of Cholame CMB is Columbia College, Columbia, CA (west of Yosemite) B076, north of Parkfield, CA B079, near Parkfield, CA PHL, Park Hill, north of San Luis Obisbo, CA SMM is near Simmler, CA SBC is near Santa Barbara, CA OSI is near Castaic Lake BBR is near Big Bear Lake, CA NV06 IM is near Mina, NV and is shown cu ando is active in that location. “Southern California Earthquake Monitor” alternates with “Pacific Coast Seismometers” –Southern California Earthquake Monitor— Seismometers covering central California to the tip of Baja California—- – MLAC is near Mammoth Lakes, CA CWC is near Lone Pine ISA is near Lake Isabella, CA ARV is near Arvin (Tehachapi area) RRX is near Barstow EDW2 is near Edwards Airforce Base OSI is near Lake Casitas DEC is near Verdugo Hills DJJ is near Stone Canyon Reservoir (near Beverly Glen, CA) CHF is Chilao Flat (near Mt Wilson) (MWC is Mount Wilson, only when displayed) PASC is in Pasadena, CA BFS is Mt Baldy, CA BBR is Big Bear Lake, CA SVD is Seven Oaks Dam, (near Mentone, CA) DGR is Diamond Lake (former Domenigoni Reservoir, east of Menifee, CA) RPV is Rancho Palos Verdes, CA FMP is Fort Macarthur Park CIA is Catalina Island airport SCI2 is San Clemente Island SDD is close a of Saddleback College (Mission Viejo, CA) MUR is Murrieta, CA PLM is Palomar Mtn CRY is Cary Ranch, Anza, CA B093 at P inyon Flat, CA GLA is Glamis, CA (S/E of Salton Sea) SWS (Stewart Warner Ranch, west of Holtville, southwest of Salton City) IKP is In-Ko-Pah (S/W of Ocotillo, CA near Mex. border) TJX is near Tijuana, MX SJX is near Sierra de Juárez, Baja California, MX VTX is near Valle de la Trinidad, Baja California, MX SFX is near San Felipe, Baja California, MX HSIG is near Hermosillo MX SRG is near Santa Rosalía, Baja California, MX SLBS is near Cabo San Luis, BC, MX and when shown…….. GLS Goldstone (near Barstow) or NAIU EHZ UU near Salt Lake City, UT If you’re not sure where the town/city is located, look it up on Google Maps. Data for this study comes from the Berkeley Digital Seismic Network (BDSN), doi: 10.7932/BDSN, operated by the UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, which is on file at the Northern California Earthquake Data Center (NCEDC), doi: 10.7932/NCEDC, and Plate Boundary Network and SCSN.