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Jeremiah Outline | Biblical Maturity

Learn the lyrics Jeremiah Outline | Biblical Maturity the inspirational song and most famous chords, lyrics, video and audio mp3 download of all time!

This is a good hymn that will make you feel closer to the lord Jesus. When you sing out Jeremiah Outline | Biblical Maturity lyrics, we will be filled with joy, strength, love, and power of God.

Jeremiah Outline | Biblical Maturity Chords, Lyrics, Video and Audio mp3 Download


I. The Call and Commission of Jeremiah (Jer_1:1-19)

A. The Visited Place (Jer_1:1-3)
B. The Visited Prophet (Jer_1:4-6)
C. Nail Your Colors to the Mast (Jer_1:7-10, Jer_1:17-19)
D. Two Visions (Jer_1:11-16)

II. Afflicting the Comfortable (Jer_2:1-37)

A. Judah’s Husband Pleads His Case (Jer_2:1-8)
B. She Stands Accused (Jer_2:9-13)
C. Israel Takes the Witness Stand (Jer_2:14-37)

III. Comforting the Afflicted (Jer. 3:1-4:31)

A. Four Words that Could Change Your Life (Jer_3:1-25)
B. Four Tests for Courageous Preaching (Jer_4:1-31)

IV. When God Was Appalled and the People Were Pleased (Jer. 5:1-6:30)

A. The Prophet (Jer_6:27-30; Jer_5:14)
B. The Problem (Jer_5:1-13; Jer_6:9, Jer_6:15)
C. The Penalty (Jer_5:15-19; Jer_6:1-8, Jer_6:11-12, Jer_6:22-26)
D. The People (Jer_5:20-25; Jer_6:10, Jer_6:16-21)
E. The Predators (Jer_5:26-31; Jer_6:13-14)

V. Jeremiah Becomes a Marked Man (Jer. 7:1-8:3)

A. The Temple of the Lord (Jer_7:1-15)
B. Quit Praying, Jeremiah (Jer_7:16-27)
C. Cut Off Your Hair, Jeremiah (Jer. 7:28-8:3)

VI. Blessed Is He Who Mourns (Jer. 8:4-9:26)

A. Hating the Sin (Jer_8:4-17; Jer_9:3-16)
B. Loving the Sinner (Jer. 8:18-9:2)
C. Mourning Is a Lost Art (Jer_9:17-22)
D. And He Shall Be Comforted (Jer_9:23-26)

VII. Learn Not the Way of the Gentiles (Jer. 10:1-11:17)

A. Idols of Wood (Jer_10:1-10)
B. A God of Wonder (Jer_10:11-18)
C. The Way of Man Is Not in Himself (Jer_10:19-25)
D. The Shattered Covenant (Jer_11:1-17)

VIII. Why Do Good Things Happen to Bad People? (Jer. 11:18-12:17)

A. The Conspiracy (Jer_11:18-23)
B. The Prayer of Puzzlement (Jer_12:1-4)
C. The Answer of Authority (Jer_12:5-17)

IX. Pride Goes Before a Fall (Jer_13:1-27)

A. What the Well-Dressed Prophet Was Wearing (Jer_13:1-11)
B. Dignity Can’t Be Preserved in Alcohol (Jer_13:12-14)
C. Six Features of Pride (Jer_13:15-27)

X. Jerusalem: A Disaster Waiting to Happen (Jer. 14:1-15:21)

A. The Drought (Jer_14:1-6)
B. When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going (Jer. 14:7-15:9)
C. Two Personal Prayers (Jer_15:10-21)

XI. Sermons Spoken and Sermons Lived (Jer. 16:1-17:27)

A. Forbidden to Marry, Forbidden to Mourn, Forbidden to Mingle (Jer_16:1-13)
B. Facts from the Far Country (Jer_16:14-21; Jer_17:1-11)
C. A Glorious Throne on High (Jer_17:12-18)
D. Remember the Sabbath Day (Jer_17:19-27)


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