Book of Samuel 1

Overview of the book of Samuel 1

The book of Samuel 1 continues where the judges left off. The book of Ruth comes between the judges and Samuel in English bibles, but not in the Hebrew Bible. Israel people have not heard from God in decades. The priests were corrupted, even Eli, the high priest of Israel is not faithfully serving God and the people. Now Israel needs a judge, prophet, and needs to hear from God. So God gives them Samuel.

Who is Samuel

Samuel in the bible serves as the judge and prophet to Israel. He speaks the word of the lord to the people and tells them how to live as the people of God. Samuel means “His name is God” and describes the direct relationship of God over his kingdom. When Samuel became old and the enemies of Israel attacked them. The people demanded Samuel to appoint them a king.

Samuel advises people to remain trusting in God and not in human leadership. But the people of Israel don’t listen to him and are determined to have a king rule over then and deliver them from their enemies. Then God gives them saul.

Who is saul

Saul is a foolish, selfish, cowardly king. He ignores the word of the lord and listens to the approval of men. Saul means asked so Israel asked him to make them a king. He disobeyed God several times, failed in doing his duties, and put the people at odds with God. King Saul doesn’t keep your law of Moses and doesn’t teach the Israelites to live as God’s holy people. So God gives them David.

Who is David

David is a man who is after God’s own heart. He is a warrior, Musician, and leader of men. David means beloved and he was loved by God as well as the people of Israel. He is the man who trusts in God and encourages his people to act like God’s people. David defeats Goliath and makes him popular and famous in Israel. Saul fears David will occupy his kingdom eventually and spends the rest of his life hunting David down.

Our will help your understanding be deepened as you study. We hope this overview, outline, and summary of 1 Samuel are helpful to you.

Who wrote the book of Samuel 1

The book of Samuel I was the author of the first 24 chapters and the rest of the chapters were completed by Nathan and Gad. The 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel are part of the deuteronomistic history.

When was the book of Samuel 1 written

The Samuel bible stories have occurred in 561 B.C.E. It was written during the Babylonian exile. It is the ninth of the old testament. The books provide a glimpse into the transition from the Theocracy to the Monarchy.

Outline of 1 Samuel

Samuel, the last Judge, 1:1-8:22

His early life and call, 1:1-3:21

His mother, 1:1-2:10

  • Her sorrow
  • Her supplication
  • Her son
  • Her sacrifice
  • Her song

His ministry

  • The situations of Shiloh
  • The summons to Samuel
His war with the philistines, 4:1-7:1

The capture of the ark by the philistines, 4:1-22

  • The defeat of Israel,4:1-11
  • The death of Eli,4:12-18
  • The departure of the glory: Ichabod, 4:19-22

curse of the ark on the philistines, 5: 1-12
The return of the ark by the philistines, 6: 1-7:1

His Revival ministry to Israel, 7:2-17
Samuel warning to the people of Israel concerning their Demand for a king, 8:1-22

Saul, the first king, 1 sam 9:1-31:13

The rise of saul, 9:1-11:15

  • The choosing of saul, 9:1-27
  • The coronation of saul, 10:1-27
  • The conquest of the Ammonites, 11:1-15

The reminder by Samuel, 12:1-25

The rejection of Saul, 13:1-15:35

  • Hìs sinful offering, 13:1-22
  • His rash vows, 13:23-14:52
  • His partial obedience, 15: 1-35

The replacement of saul by David, 16:1-2

  • David chosen and anointed, 16:1-13
  • David employed at saul’s court, 16:14-23

The rise of David over Saul, 17:1-18:30

  • David’s defeat of Goliath, 17:1-58
  • David’s friendship with Jonathan, 18:1-4
  • David’s relation with Saul, 18:5-16.
  • David’s marriage, 18:17-30

The rejection of David by Saul, 19:1-26:25

  • David protected by Jonathan, 19:1-10
  • David protected by Michael, 19:11-17
  • David protected by Samuel, 19:18-24
  • David protected by Jonathan, 20:1-42
  • David protected by Ahimelech, 21:1-9
  • David protected by Achish, 21:10-15

David and his band of men, 22:1-26:25

  • In the cave of Adullam and in Mizpah,22:1-5
  • Saul slays the priest,22:6-23
  • At Keilah, 23:1-12
  • In the wilderness of Ziph, 23:13-29
  • At engedi, David spares saul, 24:1-22
  • David and Abigail, 25:1-44
  • In the wilderness of Ziph, David spares Saul again, 26:1-25

Refuge of David in philistine, 27:1-31:13

  • David becomes a philistine servant, 27:1-28:2
  • Saul consults the medium at En-dor, 28;3-25
  • David dismissed by the philistines, 29:1-11
  • David destroys the Amalekites, 30:1-31
  • The philistines and the death of saul, 31:1-13

1 Samuel’s role in the bible

First Samuel marks a great turning point in the history of Israel. Instead of crying to God for help, Israel demands Samuel to appoint a king. At first, the Israel people were saddled by ungodly saul, but God raises up another king to deliver and lead His people.

Saul and David were anointed by God to lead and deliver Israel people from their enemies. Jesus, a descendant of David was anointed by God to rule over all over the world and save the lost ones.

The books of 1 and 2 Samuel are really stories. God finds a man after his own heart to lead Israel and deliver them from their enemies. The second Samuel begins with the news of Saul’s death to David.

What can we learn from the book of 1 Samuel

The lives of Samuel, Saul, David will present the faults of human conditions. The stories of Samuel bible can also serve as the mirrors of our own humanity. In these, we can see the works of God and through these people can help us discern the activity of God in our relationships with the lord and others.

Book of Samuel summary

The authorship of the book of Samuel old testament is Samuel. He wrote more than a part of 1 Samuel because his death is recorded in chapter 25 and the remaining part was written by Nathan and Gad. Samuel was the last judge in a 350-year span of the time. First, Samuel covers a period of 115 years from birth and his childhood. God raised Samuel during the darkest periods of Israel’s history.

His main purpose was to call the people to a revival of the worship of Yahweh. Samuel served as a prophet, judge, priest, and anointed Saul and David as a king of Israel.

First Samuel old testament focuses on three men who were chosen by God for His service. They were Samuel, Saul, David. Samuel was the last judge and he was rejected by the people. Saul was the first king and he was rejected by God because of his disobedience. David was having a right heart and being accepted by God as well as the people of Israel.

The Samuel in the bible summary tells how the nation suffers under poor leadership and how the people of the nation were blessed under righteous leaders.

The Samuel in the bible tells of the effects of sins and the blessings of holiness. The remainder of 1 Samuel depicts the lord’s choice of David becoming the king of Israel. Saul was wounded in the battle and took his own life. Three of Saul’s sons were also killed in the same battle.