VILUVAINADHI – ENOSH KUMAR -(Anti- Suicidal) – New Latest Telugu Christian songs

Learn the lyrics VILUVAINADHI – ENOSH KUMAR -(Anti- Suicidal) – New Latest Telugu Christian songs the inspirational song and most famous chords, lyrics, video and audio mp3 download of all time!

This is a good hymn that will make you feel closer to the lord Jesus. When you sing out VILUVAINADHI – ENOSH KUMAR -(Anti- Suicidal) – New Latest Telugu Christian songs lyrics, we will be filled with joy, strength, love, and power of God.

VILUVAINADHI – ENOSH KUMAR -(Anti- Suicidal) – New Latest Telugu Christian songs Chords, Lyrics, Video and Audio mp3 Download


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You know God created us so that the joy He has in Himself might be ours. God doesn’t simply think about Himself or talk to Himself. He enjoys Himself! He celebrates with infinite and eternal intensity the beauty of who He is as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And we’ve been created to join the party! 😀 😀

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LIFE IS SO VALUBLE , DONT WEAST IT FOR SOMEONE ELSE , OR END IT FOR SOME TEMPORARY PROBLEM , when ever you are in need just shout out to the lord , He is always waiting for you stretching his hands , ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS GRAB HIS HAND AND TASTE SOME AMAZING MIRACLES IN YOUR LIFE.


Music composed by Enosh kumar
Mixing Engineer : Anil CJ
Lyricist : pavan kumar
Music Producer : Enosh kumar
Mastering Engineer : Audio animals (UK)

Video Credits:
Director : Enosh kumar
Assistant Director : Praveen.
Editor : Enosh kumar
Photographer : NANI (Krupa rao)
Cinematographer : NANI (Krupa rao)
Producer : Rev.ps.V.DAVID PAUL
Location advisor : Praveen.s, mr.a.Anadh
Actors :
Vocalist : Enosh kumar ,
Drummer : Hanok ,
Violinist : Bhanu,
Satan : Enosh kumar .

Camera : 7D mark II
Locations: Bombay / vijayawada.
Special thanks to : Hanok saladi , Nani (camera man) , Bhanu sri , mr.Anandh, Praveen.s , mrs.Janaki, Sowmya.

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– – LYRICS – –

veluvainadhi ne jeevitham yesayya kay adhi ankitham || 2 ||

1 aa dhevni svarupyam lo
nennu chesukunna prema
thana ruupulo nennu chudalani
nennu malachukunna prema

ee matti mudhalo thana vuupiray vuudhi
nenu nirminchina aa goppa prema
thana kanti reppala nennu kaacheti
kshanamaina nennu yedabaayani prema…..

|| veluvainadhi ||

2 prathi avasaranni therchey
NANNA mana mundharundaygaa,
anukshanamuna cheyi viduvaka
ayana netho nadichaygaa

etuvanti badhaina yelanti srema aena
nenu vidipinchey devudunnadugaa
asadhyamemundi naa yesayyaku
saati emundhi aa goppa premakuuu….. || veluvainadhi ||